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Zoom’s G2Nu and G2 .1Nu take the power, tones and intuitive control of the incredibly popular G2 guitar effects pedal and incorporate years of engineering innovation. Read on to know more about them.

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Zoom Pedals

Zoom’s new G2Nu and G2 .1Nu take the performance, tone and functionality of the incredibly popular G2 guitar effects pedal and incorporate years of engineering innovation. What emerges is a variety of new and practical features along with enhanced ease of use, improved tone technology and patches created by legendary guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.

Zoom’s revamping started with the overdrive/distortion sounds. Twenty types of guitar amps and stomp boxes offer finely tuned sonic qualities including gain settings and harmonic character. Both new pedals also feature 100 preset guitar sounds, 20 of which have been created by world-renowned guitarist Steve Vai. Additional patches meticulously emulate famous rock sounds from the sixties and seventies as well as other famous artists. And the G2.1Nu also features a built-in expression pedal for enhanced control.

“The new G2Nu and G2.1Nu show how the investments we’ve made in engineering and technology have progressed to help produce amazing models,” says Masahiro Iijima, CEO for Zoom. “I truly believe that these advances, along with the assistance of guitarist Steve Vai, help make the G2Nu and G2.1Nu the best sounding pedals we’ve ever developed.”
The new pedals can also operate as audio interfaces, letting users record directly to a computer via the built-in USB port. Plus, Zoom’s direct monitoring design eliminates latency problems and allows you to seamlessly capture any tone right on your favorite computer DAW. A large 1.9-inch LCD display and a new, more intuitive interface also provide easier navigation during both live and recording sessions.

“For more creativity and interactivity we’ve also made software available through a free download,” says Iijima. “Not only does this software allow you to download the latest patches, it also helps you edit patches easily to quickly achieve the sound you’re looking for. Plus, import and export functions let you exchange patches with other users. All these new functions...

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