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In Guitar Mode, the You Rock Guitar plugs into any guitar amplifier for real rocking or even into headphones for silent practice at night or on the road.

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Classical Guitar Society
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University of Tennessee - Chattanooga
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Wesley G.
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Guitar, Trumpet, Music Theory
Ages Taught
6 to 40
I have experience with jazz, rock, folk, and some classical in guitar. I am experienced with classical trumpet. I have experience with upper level theory, jazz theory, form and analysis, and music history. I have participated in an Orff workshop.
Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary - Divinity - 2010-present (not complete) Tennessee Technological University - Music/Education - 2003-2009 (Bachelor's degree received)
Membership Organizations
TakeLessons Music Teacher

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You Rock Guitar

0.0000yourockYou Rock Guitar is the first hybrid guitar and gaming platform that is equally rockin’ when plugged into a computer, an amplifier or a video game console. The You Rock Guitar offers three playing modes: Music Mode, Game Mode, and You Rock Mode. The first-ever device to deliver this degree of versatility, the You Rock Guitar will engage and inspire guitarists, digital music composers, and gamers alike.

“Utilizing input from professional guitarists, the You Rock Guitar provides phenomenal MIDI implementation, play-anywhere portability, great rock sounds, and easy recording in an instrument that never needs tuning,” said Kevin Kent, CEO of Inspired Instruments. “It also satisfies the millions of gamers who have felt the thrill of experiencing music through games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but who are unable to actually play the music they love. With the You Rock Guitar, everyone rocks right out of the box.”

In Guitar Mode, the You Rock Guitar plugs into any guitar amplifier for real rocking or even into headphones for silent practice at night or on the road. It can also be used with an Apple iPod, iPhone, or other mp3 player, allowing players to jam with their favorite tracks from iTunes. A fully-functional whammy bar allows for pitch-bending both up and down. Musicians will be pleasantly surprised by the 22-fret full-scale neck that delivers notes without any latency. It features real strings for picking or strumming and a super touch-sensitive neck, offering unprecedented utility while delivering the performance and feeling of a real guitar.In addition to 100 preset guitar and synth sounds, the You Rock Guitar includes 50 alternate and drop tuning presets along with 10 digital capo settings. It plugs directly into the USB port on Macs and PCs for use with music making programs like Garage Band, Cubase, and ProTools, as well as more serious composition programs such as Finale and Sibelius.

 The You Rock Guitar can run on either USB power or batteries, making it the take-anywhere songwriting axe you’ve always wanted. The removable neck lets it fit in carry-on luggage or even a back-pack. With the onboard MIDI recorder your song ideas can be captured anywhere, anytime.

In You Rock Mode, the device helps first-time guitarists (gamers!) start playing real rock music, solos and chords right away. These rockin’ music loops let players solo or strum along with the chord progressions that changed the world. In this exclusive mode, mistakes are impossible because only the frets that work with those chord progressions will sound. Playing a wrong note only triggers an error sound, just like in the video game!

In Game Mode, the You Rock Guitar works seamlessly with both Guitar Hero and Rock Band on the major gaming platforms (Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360) using interchangeable, proprietary GameFlex cartridges. Two sets of color-coded frets work just like the buttons on your standard video game guitar. You can use a real pick on any string or even stru...

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