Olympus DM-4 and DM-2 Digital Audio Devices Bellevue WA

The DM-4 and DM-2 deliver internal memory storage capacity of 8 gigabytes and 4 gigabytes, respectively, as well as external microSD compatibility. Read on for more detailed information in the following article.

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Olympus DM-4 and DM-2 Digital Audio Devices

Olympus DM

Olympus unveils two new DM series digital audio devices with large color LCDs and easy-to-navigate menus for audio recording, editing and playback of podcasts, music, audio books and textbooks. The DM-4 and DM-2 deliver internal memory storage capacity of 8 gigabytes and 4 gigabytes, respectively, as well as external microSD compatibility. The DM-4 also offers voice recognition so users can verbally navigate menus with voice commands and set the time and date, as well as create a schedule using only their voice.

“These new DM recorders are the perfect tools for students and professionals to capture audio files and keep them organized,” said Amy Leslie, product manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “The devices also are ideal for personal time when playing music, podcasts and audio books. Text to speech, voice recognition and DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) compatibility of the DM-4 makes it a great tool for the blind and dyslexic community as well.”

Large 2.2-Inch Color LCD with Easy-to-Use Interface

As the first Olympus recorders to employ large color LCD screens, the DM-4 and DM-2 deliver an easy-to-use interface that enables users to accurately arrange digital files with unparalleled organization for meetings, dates and reminders. Both have folders for recording music, podcasts, audiobooks, pictures and schedules. Also in the DM-4, the Visual Index function allows users to link images to the recorded audio file; name and file your recordings using images instead of text to easily identify and retrieve later.

Super High-Quality Recording In Your Pocket

Both new DM audio devices offer built-in stereo microphones and can record and play super high-quality stereo PCM, MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files. This provides users with extreme flexibility for school, work and fun. Never wonder again what the professor was saying since you can play it back later in super high-quality audio. With infinite listening possibilities, there’s never a dull moment with the new DM recorders. Download an audio book and listen to it at the gym and then hear your favorite podcast on the ride home.

Voice Recognition with DAISY

The DM-4 features Voice Recognition so that users can command the device and add items to their lists and calendars. The DM-4 also is a DAISY Player certified by Daisy Consortium, which means that it can play digitally recorded material in the DAISY talking book format popular with the visually impaired and those with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Voice Guidance

The DM-4 and DM-2 feature a voice confirmation function that can be turned on or off. When turned on, the function enables the devices to speak, helping users to navigate the folders and various set-up options. The pleasant automated voice guides users through the onscreen menus for setting date, time and other menu selecting modes. It also confirms by stating the folder name as the user moves from one folder to another. This enables visual...

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