How-To Bellefonte PA

In this section you'll find information on how to care for your guitar, how to do different things with the sound, and more. Keep reading for some very helpful how-to information.

Guitar Effects Looping Pedals Bellefonte PA

In reality, most guitar and bass amp effects loops are pretty good. A basic understanding of the uses and limitations of the different types of loops can help reduce the frustration. Here are some simple guidelines for using the two most common types of loops.

Guitar Repairs Bellefonte PA

If you want to get that clean, jangly Vox tone, but without altering the reverb channel of your amp, you can The tone you seek can be obtained very easily by simply replacing a short wire with a capacitor and changing the value of a capacitor on the component board. If you want to know more about this method, read on for more details.

Novation Nio 2I4 USB Audio Interface Bellefonte PA

Sure, it is a compact audio interface with the usual XLR and ¼” inputs, MIDI I/O, and headphone capabilities—but it is also an excellent little guitar interface and mixing and monitoring system that operates in tandem with Novation's DirectFX amp and effects software.

Sound Specialists Bellefonte PA

Latency, the time between hitting a note and hearing it, occurs when you plug your guitars into computers and process the sound with amp simulators. This article is about the measures you could take to solve the problem. If you are annoyed by this problem, this article is right for you.

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