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If you want to get that clean, jangly Vox tone, but without altering the reverb channel of your amp, you can The tone you seek can be obtained very easily by simply replacing a short wire with a capacitor and changing the value of a capacitor on the component board. If you want to know more about this method, read on for more details.
If you have difficulties improvising over the chord changes in "Purple Haze", the techniques of Indian Raga would help you to improvise more effectively. If you want to know how to do it, keep on reading to find the answers.
As evidenced by the ten guitars we selected for this roundup, which range from $249 to $655street, you get quite a lot of performance no matter how much you have to spend.
Guitar Studio for Blackberry released by LCA Mobile allows Guitar enthusiasts to look up guitar chords, access their play-along music collections and compose songs while on the go. If you are interested in this product, keep on reading.
Guitar stores sell acoustic guitars, bass guitars, electric guitars, amps, and recording equipment, along with different types of guitar accessories, other musical instruments, and music equipment. Read on for more information and to find guitar stores in Ann Arbor, MI.
you don't have to be a pro musician to have a real guitar. Here's a crash course on taking it to the next level without breaking your bank. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when shopping for your first "real" guitar.
There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the right music and audio equipment for your music recording jobs at a fair price. Quality equipment produces quality sound. It takes time to build talent and unless you have the best audio equipment and supplies it won’t sound perfect. Listed below you will have access to local audio equipment supply stores around Birmingham, AL that have any and everything you are looking for to record music including assistive listening devices, audio cables, audio racks & cases, audio stands, headphones, amplifiers, speakers, audio mixers, microphones, wireless microphones, portable sound systems, signal processors, DJ equipment, PA packages, music recording software and more.
Music schools provide lessons in music history, music technology, composition, musicianship, music theory, chamber music and more. See below to find music schools in Birmingham, AL that give access to early childhood music programs, adult music learning programs, as well as advice and content on music education.
Life around Birmingham, AL wouldn’t be the same without music. Guitars produce an exceptional sound you can create distinct melodies with. Surprisingly there are many different types of guitars. These plucked string instruments come in various styles and sizes. The two basic types are acoustic and electric guitars. The type of guitar strings used also impact the sounds these musical instruments make. Learning how to play the guitar requires patience and dedication but the value of the lessons learned make it all worthwhile. Playing guitar requires a lot of memorization, which improves your overall mental skills. You will need to learn notes, chords, build flexibility in your hands and master the coordination. Learning and playing your first songs can help with taking lessons or hiring an instructor. Guitar repair may be needed and can be found at stores. Below you will find the local guitar shops and dealers you are looking for.
People who make music definitely make the world a much nicer place to be. Humans have always found creative ways to make beautiful music and throughout the ages different instruments have been invented to satisfy our need for melodic sounds. Having the best instruments at the right price is sweet. Even sweeter is finding knowledgeable people that understand the music instruments and supplies sold at their stores. Listed below you will find such local music instrument and supply stores around Birmingham, AL that offer a wide selection of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, drum sets, drum sticks, violins, amplifiers, speakers, effects, cables, cords, cases, stands, straps, capo, support, band/orchestra instruments, microphones and more.
Having the right guitar equipment and accessories makes a difference. The longer you have been playing the more you know this is true. Serious musicians search for the best knowing it will intensify sound quality. Music is meant to be shared in Birmingham, AL. Experienced personnel at guitar shops around Birmingham, AL can help you find what you are looking for to create the sounds and effects you desire to make. Below you will find local dealers for all of your guitar’s needs including guitar capo, pickups, strings, picks, cables, support, amplifiers, tuner pedals, cases, cables, effects and more.
The bass guitar is an extremely diverse low-pitched instrument with the amazing capability to produce an extensive array of sounds depending on the bass guitar’s configuration and the bassists acquired playing methods. The bass guitar anchors the harmonic framework and lays down the beat in collaboration with the drummer in popular music’s rhythm section. There are many different types of bass guitars including acoustic and electric bass. You will also find four, five and six string bass guitars. The most popular being the four string bass. You can choose a fretted or unfretted bass depending on preferance and style used to play. Playing methods include palm-muting, picking technique, plucking technique, slap and pop method and two-handed tapping. Listed below you will find local bass guitar shops around Birmingham, AL that understand the reasons why you play.
The Radical Classical line features lattice top bracing and a thinner soundboard for more powerful resonance. The guitars employ a multi-scale fret system for improved tonal balance, a raised fingerboard for easy access to the higher registers plus a personal side sound port.
Buz McGrath, lead guitarist of the metal band Unearth, has been slinging his 7-string on stage for over ten years, pioneering some great techniques along the way. In this lesson, I want to share some of his cool arpeggio patterns that span all seven strings.

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