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In the following article, you will learn some information about creative music instruments. These products include BBE Two Timer, Burriss Boostiest II, Danelectro Cool Cat CF-1 Fuzz and Danelectro Cool Cat Drive CO-1.

Berler Communications
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2425 Green Bay Rd
North Chicago, IL
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Sound Reinforcement, Recording Equipment

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Eric Chapman Violins
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Lincolnshire, IL

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Hoffman Strings
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Band & Orchestral

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A Major Music
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Band & Orchestral, Drums & Percussion, Print Music

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Guitar Center
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Family Piano Co.
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T C Furlong Music
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Sound Reinforcement

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Field Violin Workshop
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Band & Orchestral

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Music Gallery Inc
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Drums & Percussion, Sound Reinforcement

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Village Music Store
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Band & Orchestral, Drums & Percussion, Sound Reinforcement, Guitars & Fretted Instruments, Print Music

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BBE Two Timer

Inspired by the long-gone Boss DM-2 (made from 1981 to 1984), the Two Timer ($209retail/$149 street) analog delay provides two independently adjustable delay times of up to330ms that you preset with the Time 1 and Time 2 controls and then select between them using the Time 1/Time 2 footswitch. A master Repeat control determines the number of echo repeats for both delay settings, while a Mix control adjusts the wet/dry signal ratio. Infinite repeats are available at high Mix settings, making it possible to elicit spacey feedback effects à la early Pink Floyd. The Two Timer delivers warm-sounding delay effects at extremely low noise levels, however, the ability to preset two completely different types of echo is somewhat hampered by having only one Repeat control. Still, for what it offers, the Two Timer is a sweet deal. —Art Thompson
KUDOS Two independent delay times. True hardwire bypass. Quiet operation.
CONCERNS Can only assign one repeats setting to both delays.
CONTACT BBE Sound,(714) 897-6766;

Burriss Boostiest II

A combination distortion and boost pedal, the Boostiest II ($299street) features a booster preamp with Output, Highs, and Input controls,and a “TS flavored” overdrive circuit with Gain, Tone, and Level controls. The two circuits can be used separately or combined. Power is provided by a 9-volt battery or external adapter (not included), and the voltage is stepped up internally to 16-18 volts for the Booster channel only. The Booster’s Output knob provides a huge range of clean signal, and the stepped Input control is actually a bias adjustment that sets the overall gain of the preamp. Switching to the Overdrive side brings you into familiar TS-808 territory, with gobs of touch-sensitive distortion available via the Gain control and plenty of output. Using the two circuits together, however, creates a massive overdrive sound that is beyond what even two TS-808s could achieve. —Art Thompson
KUDOS Extremely flexible distortion/over driver. Excellent clean preamp.
CONTACT Burriss Amplifiers, (800) 513-2256;

Danelectro Cool Cat CF-1 Fuzz

This diminutive orange pedal will make a lot of guitarists on tight budgets very happy. Despite its compact size and bargain price, the CF-1 ($39 retail/$29 street)sports 3PDT true-bypass switching and a metal casing with metal jacks. Inside, the unit’s modest electronics are tidily organized (though after putting the bottom plate back on, there was a small pile of metal dust on my countertop). The tones are squarely on the corpulent side, boasting sizzling highs, robust mids, and a pleasingly flabby low end—with lots of gain on tap. This entry-level pedal gets the job done at a way cool price. —Barry Cleveland
KUDOS Lots of buzz for the buck.
CONCERNS Tones not particularly focused.
CONTACT Danelectro, (805) 389-4605;

Danelectro Cool Cat Drive CO-1

Very possibly the lowest-priced distortion pedal on the ma...

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